alecsweetcheekslightwood was like: Okay I know he's not around anymore but -- Will we see or hear any more of Kavinsky in the third book? 


Here is the thing about Kavinsky. I invested, like, 18 months of my life into him, and then he died, which is very annoying to me because he had all the good scenes and he lit things on fire and he drove my car (or maybe I drove his car; he had his Evo first) and he was just so tragic and terrible and awesome Ronan’s dark mirror and I loved him.

But he is dead. And I will not toy with anyone, because KAVINSKY: he is staying dead.

There is fall out in book 3, but also, book 3 is using different cameras than book 2, so the focus is different. Book 2 was Ronan’s book. Book 3 is not. 

this answer is the equivalent to hearing someone dies and not believing it until you see the body.